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Ask me anything   I'm Janet, 19 years old, Dutch and I love photography :)


    I’ve got more wit
    A better kiss
    Hotter touch
    A better fuck
    Than any boy you’ll ever meet

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    Panic! At The Disco: Bohemian Rhapsody (LIVE)


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    my $3 necklace from ebay arrived, it’s so pretty! I feel very classy in this outfit. 💁

    my $3 necklace from ebay arrived, it’s so pretty! I feel very classy in this outfit. 💁

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    I was tagged by Vina in the asking game.

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    1. how long you get up from the bed…

    I’m too lazy to do this all the way so I’ll just answer the question :) youth-memories 

    1. What’s your favorite color?

    Purple, since that’s the color I choose when I don’t choose black, white or another neutral color.

    2. Do you like Lars Von Trier’s movies?

    I don’t know him.

    3. What do you prefer: small and comfy coffee shops or big and fancy restaurants?

    Big fancy restaurants since I never go to coffee shops.

    4. Which song has made you cry?

    Probably all songs by Evanescence.

    5. If you could travel in time, to which decade you would like to go?

    Probably to the 80’s or 90’s to see what people did before I was born.

    6. What’s your biggest regret?

    I don’t really have one..

    7. Have you ever been in a concert?

    Yes, a few. Evanescence, Panic at the disco, Train, We The Kings, Simple Plan.

    8. What do you think about cereal (srsly is important)?

    I always eat cereal like muesli mixed with sweet cereal and seeds. :)

    9. Do you think that animals have feelings and thoughts like us?

    Yes, but not as complicated as humans.

    10. What’s the most beautiful place you have gone?

    Pff, hard question. I haven’t been to a lot of places but Rome was really beautiful.

    11. Why did you followed me?

    Because I thought you were nice to follow (?)

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    WAKE UP WORLD #YesAllWomen

    That steak analogy is my favorite,

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